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The results


After the releases

As pressure is released from the nerves, there may be immediate relief from pain, relaxing of tight muscles, even straightening of distorted posture. Usually this is the case if the body stress has occurred recently - the process of restoring normal tone is very rapid and the life energy flow is quickly re-established.

If the body stress has been present for a long time, it will be necessary for a number of stress releases to be carried out over a period of time. This allows the layers of tightened muscles to relax progressively back to their normal tone. This process of unlocking the deeply stored tension could be compared to peeling away the layers of an onion.


Increased function, energy and well-being

With reduced nerve compression, there is improved communication, which results in improved function of organs. Clients often report that certain conditions that they had not mentioned have cleared up, such as constipation, bladder problems, indigestion, etc. Usually the physical changes are accompanied by an emotional upliftment.

As the muscles lock up in layers, like a protective corset, the body's energy is diverted into holding the muscles in the defensive mode, resulting in constant tiredness. As the body stress is released, the muscles resume their normal supportive role and more energy is available for living.


Why does pain come and go?

When pressure is released from nerve pathways, there may be an increase in pain for a while as sensation is restored to partially numbed nerves. As the healing progresses, the irritation to the nerve drops below its firing point, and there is the wonderful sense of pain receding. However, whole the process is ongoing, it is quite easy to irritate the nerve back up to firing point, for example sitting incorrectly or for too long may cause pressure in the lower back, and it starts to ache again. If one avoids the stressful action, it allows the nerve irritability to once again drop below threshold level.

This is why it is essential to allow the body time to complete its healing, before challenging it with stressful activities. 


The process of healing

As the energy flow is restored, some people may initially experience sensations of tingling or warmth. In certain cases there may be increased pain for a short time, as feeling is restored to numbed nerves. This is a healing pain.

It sometimes occurs that after the releases a person may feel an area stiffen up for a few days, the body's wisdom is directing the surface muscles to tighten, in order to restrict mobility. This way there is minimal irritation to the underlying tissues during their healing process.

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